Travel to the Lake Toba

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Travel to the Lake Toba

Lake Toba, situated on the shores of Eastern Java, Indonesia is Asia’s largest and deepest lake. It is the second largest of the Great Rift Valley. Lake Toba is the largest crater lake in the world and it has a surface area of more than 500 square kilometers. This makes it the fourth biggest lake after Lake Baikal and Lake Victoria. Lake Toba also has two shallow seas, one of them called the Timpung River. Lake Toba is believed to be the location where the eruption of Mt. Tambora took place in 1963.

Lake Toba Travel has a number of water sports that you can take advantage of during your trip to Lake Toba. One of the most popular water sports here is scuba diving. It is an exhilarating sport, which allows you to see the amazing underwater scenery that is located in the depths of this lake. Apart from scuba diving you will also be able to enjoy snorkeling and parasailing in this lake.

Lake Toba Travel also has some great beaches which are very popular among tourists who come here. One of the most beautiful beaches in Lake Toba is the Kuta beach, which is situated right near the town of Bali. The beach is famous for its white sand and pristine waters and you will definitely enjoy it when you are here.

Another great beach in the Lake Toba Travel is the Patong beach which is also popular with tourists. There are a number of restaurants that you can visit on this beach that provide food to your taste buds as well as a nice view of the serene waters.

If you love hiking then you can also go hiking on the Lake Toba Travel. You can try trekking up Mount Nusantara and down to the town of Bekasi which is about six kilometers away from the lake. After this hike you can head back to the hotel and enjoy a comfortable stay.

The most popular activities on Lake Toba Travel include skiing, rafting, jet skiing, fishing, and kayaking. These activities will all give you a chance to see the incredible scenery that is located inside the deep waters of the lake.

Trip to Lake Toba Samosir

In addition to being a wonderful place to live, Lake Toba Travel is also a popular tourist destination because of its wonderful cuisine. You will not be able to find any better cuisines here than those that are cooked on the beaches or at the restaurants. that are located on the shores of the lake. Many of these restaurants serve a variety of local dishes, but they also make use a lot of exotic ingredients that are usually imported from different countries.

Other than offering delicious local foods you will also be able to have a chance to experience the world class cuisine of other countries because of the food that is offered on Lake Toba Travel. When you are here, you should definitely try the local cuisine that is served in restaurants like the Lake Toba Travel Restaurant which is a world-famous institution that offers some of the best tasting local dishes. Once you have had enough to eat here, you will have a chance to experience the world class wines that are made here as well.