Reviews Trip to Jakarta for 3 days

jakarta for 3 days

Traveling in Jakarta For Three Days

A large part of your decision making process when it comes to planning your trip to Jakarta will be how you plan on traveling in Jakarta for three days. This is Traveling reviews to jakarta. Jakarta is a fascinating city and many people plan their entire travel experience here to experience this. That being said, the information below will help you plan a trip that not only allows you to see all of the main sights but also allows you to learn about the history of the country.

Each of these places have a specific destination. We’ve already mentioned that you’re visiting the historic sights; which is quite a vast city filled with many wonderful things to see. To help you get through this city more quickly, you should try to see all of these areas. If you don’t visit all of these, you will miss out on some of the most beautiful sights that are available in Jakarta.

Don’t forget to take small trip visit museum jakarta

When you arrive at the airport, head for the old town and enjoy the peace and tranquility of its residents – high voltage yellow taxis waiting to pick you up and take you to the most popular attractions in the area. The sea and blue waters are just two of the things that make this place beautiful. After this, head to the Museum of Nusantara where you can see some of the best preserved objects in the world.

To take in the sights that are only a few minutes away, head for the National Museum. This museum is well known for it’s many impressive pieces and beautiful art pieces. They also have a piece of history, as you can take a tour of the palace where the founder of Indonesia resided.

You should stop at Rasa. With an amazing amount of diversity within Jakarta, Rasa is a well known place for those seeking a unique environment. To take a tour of the mosque here, you may wish to take a ride in the rama ferry which will take you upriver to the far side of the island.

Important Facts About Jakarta

The Samsen mosque is quite large and so is the Fountain of a Thousand Horses. This fountain, the largest in Asia, is often set to music and is extremely popular. One of the most interesting and scenic sites to visit in Jakarta is Mount Agung, which has the tallest peak in the country.

For many years, the city of Jakarta was completely underwater, with the last man to visit dying in despair to see the devastation that had taken place. This has caused some of the jungle to return, and the national park to help the recovery efforts. It is also possible to visit some of the most beautiful diving locations, including here the mysterious monastery of Dili.

Traveling in Jakarta for three days will allow you to see everything that this amazing city has to offer. During your journey, you will need to plan to stop at each of the sites listed above. If you happen to miss any of these, you will definitely miss out.