Best Hostels For Backpackers in Bangkok

best hostels in bangkok

Finding the Best Hostels For Budget Travelers in Bangkok

Take in that combination of over 530 cheap hostels in Bangkok – and you’re freakin’ overwhelmed. Forget all Bangkok hotels; this is just a guide to some of the best cheap hostels in Bangkok. In addition to being cheap, the quality of cheap hostels in Bangkok is second to none. Some are simply private homes with shared beds; others are private condos or apartments.

And many other private property are luxury hostels – like Rachadaphisek, which are not only beautiful, but also offers excellent privacy. Some of these private property are available as self-catering and fully furnished apartments. Other properties are a little cheaper, but you’ll still be getting all of your own personalised attention and facilities.

You can find these cheap hostels in Bangkok at the airport, or if you’re looking for an affordable accommodation while in the city. The best bargain is going to be the last minute traveller; that’s the cheapest you’ll find if you want to avoid the crowds. There are some fantastic places where you can stay on a budget in and around Bangkok, but you should be prepared to deal with some of the lowest rates in the city.

Trip to Bangkok on a Budget

However, you need to be aware that if you do decide to go with cheap hostels, then you will often find that they are pretty crowded. It could mean that you have to spend a decent amount of time in there trying to get a good place, or it could mean you don’t get a good place at all. As such, you will probably need to plan ahead before visiting any cheap hostel in Bangkok.

Cheap hostels also aren’t always the best options for backpackers. If you’re travelling with kids, then you may not want to visit one of the more expensive ones. This is because they will be looking to have a nap, sleep, and eat out – not play video games and watch TV. So if you’re going for budget accommodation, you may want to opt for one that doesn’t necessarily offer the best facilities.

You’ll find that the most popular and well known cheap hostel in Bangkok is located in the Sathron area. This is a great choice, because you can be assured that there are plenty of great cheap hotels there, including cheap hotel deals. and good facilities, such as hot tubs, saunas, and swimming pools. These are definitely worth checking out.